Newmarket Boutique Also Nails Salon

Did you know your favorite Newmarket spa, Balsam Day Spa, also does nails? Using Cuccio polishes, gels, and dips you too can have perfectly manicured and pedicured toe and finger nails in record time through our expedited service!
Q: What advantage is there in using a gel nail polish?

A: Gels dry quicker and so for the woman of today on the go, they are a perfect enhancement to your day and comes in many colours!

Finger Funnies!

Did you know that your finger nails grow 3 x times as fast as your 
toe nails? Now you do!

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Newmarket Spa Hospitality

Balsam Spa on Main St in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada is a day spa that takes pride in how guests are treated from the minute they walk in the door until they leave. Combine that with an experienced staff, it's no wonder they are repeat winners as top spa in Aurora / Newmarket of the  Peoples Choice Awards. 

Co-owner and Spa Therapist, Binal Patel, brought years of experience with her when the spa opened four some years ago and with that invaluable spa services experience also came the knowledge that a spa experience should be one from beginning to end

Relax, Renew & Rejuvenate

Creating an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation is as much a part of a Balsam Spa visit, as is getting one of treatments from the friendly staff,- whether that be spa therapy / services such as holistic, hot stone or Swedish massage, eyebrow-lifts, eyebrow-threading, facials, mani-pedicures, waxing, body-moists, ayurvedic treatments or even just to purchase some skincare or makeup products. 

Watch Binal…

Eyebrow Threading an Ancient Service

Did you know that eyebrow threading is an ancient hair-removal technique practiced by the most beautiful women of Asia and the Middle East? It's also the best alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skin. Threading can be done on the full face, eyebrows, upper lip, chin and cheeks. 

Curious about Eyebrow-threading? See short video on how we do it here.
Go ahead. Make your day! 

Make your day by taking advantage of some of the in-house deals now on Balsam Spa.

Relax, Renew, Rejuvenate @ Balsam Day Spa

Newmarket Day Spa Relaxes, Renews, Rejuvenates Sometimes life demands that we keep ourselves so busy we forget to take care of the one thing in our lives most important, namely ourselves. Sure, we may go through the day working diligently, somewhat content with what we manage to get done, but far too often with today's technology our work goes home with us and too often the stress of it as well.

Jogging does it for some or yoga, but even for those who may include these routines in their daily ritual, a little self grooming and pampering of ones self regularly can go a long way. It can act to both enable peace of mind but also to rejuvenate ones self. See Video here.
Feel Lucky!?

Luckily for you, Balsam Spa is running Mid-Year Specials in July! 
For almost 4 years now from the moment you walk into Balsam Spa at 38 Main St. South, Newmarket, Ontario, your experience begins as the ambient mood-music and aroma embraces you. Always attentively welcoming on your arrival, and beckoning yo…